WordPress Development

WordPress Website Development

What is development?

Development is the technical part of putting a website together.  At T2, development is taking the final design from the designer (in Photoshop files) and making it all work on the web.

Besides technically making the site look like the design’s blueprint, web development also includes adding all the functionality to a site.  Examples of functionality include: Integrating the site with an email marketing account like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp; Adding eCommerce; Setting up a  photo gallery, a contact form, a streaming video, a business directory or a forum.  Some of the development work includes creating code so the site will match the design blueprint or so the plugins and widgets will work correctly.

What WordPress theme do you use?

Most of our websites are built with the WordPress WOO blank canvas theme.  A blank-canvas theme means we can develop a website with just about any design.  WOO Canvas is known for its rock-solid constructions, lightning-fast page loading, flexibility, easy-of-use, and great technical support.

Get one-on-one training and personalized support

After the site is built, you’ll receive in-person training that is tailored to your specific website and all of its plugins. Following the training session, you’ll have access to 2 hours of phone support over 30 days.

Fully Customized Site

If you need a fully customized website just get in touch for a specific quote by calling or completing our contact form.

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