How to safely update WordPress

Seattle WordPress | WordPress securityWebsite security threats are growing by the day.  If you’re like me, you’ve probably known someone whose site has become infected with a virus, spyware, or maliciously  hacked.  The best way to protect your site is to stay current with updates for your theme, plugins, and WordPress… plus have a full backup copy of your site.  However, proceed carefully.

The safest way to update your WordPress site is to do it through your control panel, not through the dashboard.  The exact process varies among hosting providers, however, if it’s not intuitive through your control panel call your hosting provider for instructions.  Following are the exact steps that are used for Bluehost.  I’m using Bluehost as an example because so many of you use Bluehost.

1) recommends that you do a full-backup of your site first.  This can be done with a backup product like Continue Reading →

Do I really want to build my own WordPress website?

Seattle WordPress, building your own WordPress site Three years ago I attended a seminar where I first learned about WordPress.  The message was anyone could now build their own website for FREE and it would be just as good as static sites costing thousands of dollars.

Having built websites in Dreamweaver and Front Page for years, well, this just seemed to way too good to be true.  But the presentation was first class and by the end of the 2 hour workshop most went out the door thinking they could build a world-class website in a day or two.

Was WordPress really that easy, I had to find out. Having built dozens of static websites and being a real geek, I planned on cranking out my first world-class site in a few days. Well, it wasn’t a few days and it wasn’t world-class – more like ghetto class! Continue Reading →

What is the Downside to Affordable Web Design?

Seattle WordPress development insightsHave you ever outsourced or considered outsourcing a design or website development project to save money or time or both? Any number of portals offer us Design and WordPress Development services  that are supposed to make it easy and affordable for us less tech-savvy DIYers–but do they really when we take all into accounts?

Even Premium WordPress Themes “appear easy enough to work”  with  (or so the marketing says). BUT for some non-tech types the learning curve is steeper. Our initial investment (thinking we can do it all for ourselves) is a penny saved but pound foolish.

Trouble is we figure that out after the fact and we may opt to keep trying and throw a little more money at it. Continue Reading →

When WordPress Blogging Becomes a Chore

What comes to mind for you when you see the words?

Chores. The very word conjures up memories of Saturday mornings spent dusting, vacuuming, doing laundry, weeding and many other unpleasant tasks BEFORE I could play with friends and have fun.

Blogging. The other name for writing short pieces or longer articles that are timely, relevant, contribute to marketing efforts, and has the POTENTIAL to attract more ideal business inquiries.

SEO. Search Engine Optimization or as a gifted translator of a person I know put it to a newbie in the Weekly Writers Support Circle on Tuesday, “How your site and its content get found by people.”

Are you among the many who jumped on the WordPress/Blogging Bandwagon? Did you start excited, promise yourself you’d blog weekly or more and lose steam over time? Are you growing self-conscious that your last post was from February of 2012 or worse, in 2011? (Please read on and be gentle with yourself.) Continue Reading →

What Is A RSS Feed?

You’ve undoubtedly seen the orange RSS feed icon on lots of  WordPress websites, but you may not be aware what it does.

What does RSS stand for?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.  That may sound a bit geeky to you, but it really is not that complicated.  MOST IMPORTANT… by offering your site visitors an opportunity to be notified of your new posts, you’ll get visitors coming back to your website.
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