Malware Threat Level is at Red for WordPress websites

WordPress Malware HackerMalware makes up 25% of the traffic on the Internet according to a recent Time Magazine article.

Hackers are looking for user names and passwords since they are often the same for your online financial accounts. Hackers are generating backlinks to improve their search engine ranking and some are cleverly getting you to visiting their website.

Are visions of vicious malware, spyware, bots and ruthless hackers invading your WordPress site keeping you up at night? If you’re feeling insecure about security, it’s understandable. Stories of scary security breaches have frequented the news lately, and you’re probably asking yourself just how vulnerable your WordPress site is to such an attack.

Say the unthinkable happens and you fall victim to a malware infection. Not only do your find your beloved site suddenly filled with adverts for strange drugs, but your hosting provider, reacting in accordance to their company policy of dealing with viruses, will likely shut you down. You’ll end up having to pay a pretty penny to have the disruptive software removed and have your site restored back to its former glory.

If all this is not bad enough, Google will flash this message to folks who search keywords that bring up your site: “This site may have been hacked.” Not exactly confidence inspiring. And it can take days, weeks even for this message to go away, resulting in the loss of innumerable visitors to your site.

Of course, the best defense is a good offense. WordPress is actually a very secure platform provided security measures are taken to insure protection from cyber attacks. As an added benefit, Google rewards secure WordPress sites; security it is one of the primary factors used in determining a site ranking.  Learn how you can make your WordPress site more secure.

Get a Higher Search Engine Ranking

The #1 search position gets 35% of the traffic. The #2 position only gets 17%

A well designed WordPress website alone won’t help with your SEO ranking. However, when you couple exceptional design with engaging, persuasive and SEO-optimized content, you’ve got the makings of a winning WordPress website.

A SEO copywriter can optimize your content to attract site visitors and keep them engaged once they’re there. Additionally, an experienced SEO writer can provide the detailed, in-depth content that Google considers key in determining your ranking. Other factors affecting your ranking include content length, readability, uniqueness, anchor text, keywords and content relevance.

And the benefit of a SEO copywriter doesn’t end there. Well written content will motivate your visitors to take the next step. In communicating the clear, precise benefits and advantages of choosing your company, and then providing a precise call to action, your visitors will be motivated to contact you. See what great content writing looks like and how we can help you get more visitors and more customers. Learn about our SEO Content Writing service →

50 SEO Facts You May Not Know

The concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may be new to you. Or perhaps you’re familiar with SEO, but not sure it is all that important to your small business. The truth is SEO is vital to your business site’s success, and here are 50 ways to use it to your advantage.

1.    You need SEO. Want visitors from search engines? Then SEO is absolutely necessary to sort and rank your site for keywords related to your business.

2.    Start SEO immediately. If you procrastinate, your competitors will gain the advantage, and it will become more difficult to move before them in ranking.

3.    Check out the competition. When you plug in your keywords, what sites come to the top of the list? Learn what they have done, on-site and off- to get there.

4.    No SEO strategy is guaranteed. Like snowflakes, no two websites are alike. Because of the many variables, a tactic that worked for one site may not work for yours.

5.    SEO is affordable. It doesn’t take mega bucks — strong content and solid online relationships can deliver big results on a small budget.

6.    Patience is a virtue when it comes to SEO results. Sorry, but it may take weeks, or even months, for you to see the results of the SEO work you’re doing now. However, it will be worth the wait.

7.    Patience is even more of a virtue when your website is new. It takes time to build authority and trust, and until you’ve developed both, you shouldn’t expect to outrank older, more established sites.

8.    Your website is always a work in progress. Keep your website current and constantly improving, and you will keep your rank high to attract visitors and sales.

9.    Adjust to algorithm updates. Adapting your SEO strategy to conform to the evolution of search engines will allow you to attain and retain good rankings

10.  Don’t bother submitting your site to search engines. Quite sophisticated these days, search engines no longer need notification when you’ve created a new website, or added a page to an existing one. Continue Reading →

A WordPress Site that’s Highly Customizable and Affordable!

WordPress Site that is Customizable and AffordableOften a fully customized website that includes the sweat of a graphic designer can cost thousands. However, now you can get a highly-customizable site for $399. And the site will be built with the famous WOO Canvas blank canvas theme.

This means the construction of the site is rock solid and the layout/design options are endless. Plus the theme company is well-established so you can count on future theme updates that will keep up with future WordPress updates.

How is this even possible? Well, the entire process has been simplified and streamlined. First you identify up to eleven major areas of a template design that you want modified. You can just go with the existing template or change the color scheme, fonts and layout.

We do all the hard stuff, which includes installing WordPress, as well as the theme and the plugins. We also customize your layout and design. Next, we add your header, menu, widgets, footer and home page content. Then we provide training so you can add content, photos, videos and a lot more. After the training we offer support, just in case you get stuck.

Endless options! If you later decide you want to change your paragraph font type, color or size… you can do that yourself with a few mouse-clicks. You will be able to make dozens of other layout/design changes on your own. If you want a complex layout or design modification that requires custom coding, WOO Canvas can handle it, and unlike most themes, that custom coding won’t be over-written when your theme is updated.

Learn more about our highly affordable and customizable websites >

WORDPRESS SECRETS – Simple is Better

keep your WordPress site simpleWordPress is pretty darned impressive in its capabilities, but just because WordPress can do practically anything doesn’t mean you have to go there. Because there are downsides to doing too much. It is so easy to go overboard with a complicated design and tons of impressive plugins (40,000 + and growing). You might think more is better, but actually this couldn’t be further from the truth. Here are five reasons to keep your WordPress site simple:

  1. Page load time. The last thing you need is to lose prospective customers because your website loads too slowly. Complex design elements generally translate into lots of graphics on your site, which slows down the page load time. Custom coding associated with design elements can also slow page load. But the biggest culprits to a slow website are usually specific plugins or too many plugins.
  2. Search engines. If one of your WordPress objectives is to rank high on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, page load time is an important factor. Simple is fast, complex is slow.
  3. Ongoing maintenance. After your WordPress site is built, adding posts, pages, images and videos is typically a whole lot easier on a site with a simple design and minimal functionality versus one with more complicated elements. For example, when making text changes, you may need to tip-toe around custom code supporting a 3-column layout or perhaps a custom background behind a paragraph. A slight mistake could completely mess up your page.
  4. Mobile viewing. The better ‘responsive’ WordPress themes work great on desktops, laptops, tables and smartphones. However, it gets tricky when adding multifaceted design elements to these themes. In fact, many design components that look great on desktops and laptops won’t work on mobile devices. Likewise, many of the advanced plugins won’t work well (or at all) on mobile devices.
  5. Cost to design and build. Simplicity is less expensive, complexity is more expensive. You can save a lot by keeping your WordPress site simple.

As you’ve likely concluded, the degree of simplicity or complexity of your site design and functions are going to be determined by your specific objectives. If you’re a graphic designer, having lots of complex design features might contribute to your competitive advantage. If you’re selling online tutorials, having a membership plugin will be critical despite all the negatives. The secret – keep your site as simple as possible based on your objectives. Continue Reading →

Make your website Mobile-Friendly and get more business

Make your website Mobile-Friendly Have you ever viewed a website on your mobile device that clearly wasn’t meant to be viewed on a smartphone? OK, that was a rhetorical question, and the answer is most likely ‘yes’. Most of the banks and major online retailers have done an impressive job creating a user-friendly mobile view, but that’s not the case for most small businesses.

Care to see what I mean? Check out your own WordPress site on your smartphone. Is the text big enough to read without pinching and moving the page around with your fingers? Do you have to scroll left and right to view the whole page? Does the functionality of your site work on your smartphone… can you easily fill in the contact form, view a slider, or an image gallery? That’s how clunky my own site was on smartphones until I added a cool mobile plugin. Continue Reading →